August 2023 update

A good day to all! It's time for the monthly update about the .world.

Here's what happened last month.

It's all nice and steady with our Mastodon server. The user count has increased from 173.000 to 176.000 this month.

We have been looking for new moderators, and so far we've only found 1 (welcome to the team, Branka!). In the meantime also 1 of the moderators left due to lack of time.

So, anyone that wants to help out, please DM or mail to As a moderator, you would need a bit of free time, and of course find yourself in our site rules. We would very much appreciate if we could find volunteers from the black community, as well as from the LGBTQ+ community to assist us with the very difficult topics we sometimes see in moderation.

August was the 3rd month since we started It has been a crazy run from the start, but at the end of the month slowly we see things settle down. Usercount increased from 118.000 to 130.000 this month.

The team has been working hard on keeping the server running despite all the attacks we saw. The worst one was a CSAM attack, which also federated to other servers so all Lemmy admins were impacted by this. We have taken measures to prevent these as much as we can, and are looking for tools to detect and remove such content.

At this moment, we see the server being more and more stable, so we can focus on other stuff, like improvements (and setting up a Minecraft server ...)

I haven't had time to setup a new server for Firefish yet. But (running Firefish 1.0) works nicely, and we'e passed the 500 users!

Well this was actually just setup last week, but I want to mention it here: we've setup a BookWyrm instance! In Bookwyrm, you can keep track of the books you own, have read and are reading. You can rate the books and write reviews. And of course, it's federated, so you can follow others (and get inspired on which books to read next) and be followed by other Bookwyrm users, or Mastodon/Calckey etc...



We received these donations last month:


These were our expenses last month:

Other: 107,66 (spent on stickers for our volunteers)

Total costs: EUR 1205,54

So this month we have more donations than expenses. We do see an expected decrease in donations, but still very healthy finances overall.