December overview

What happened

So after the first blog post, we saw another spike in registrations mid-december. After that, growth has slowed and stabilised. Only a handful of new users every hour. The server is running smoothly.


There have been some challenges with moderation. Many reports come in, which are handled promptly and thoroughly by the moderation team (currently 7 people). Some decisions are difficult. They are all made with the rules in mind. There's always the option to appeal a decision (please engage in polite discussion, instead of name-calling and aggressive reactions). Appeals will be handled by a different moderator than the one that made the decision. All in all I think we're doing a good job in keeping a friendly and welcoming community with almost 150.000 users. I am really thankful to the moderation team!



We saw many donations come in in December. Thank you all for that!!


Expenses were lower in December, and will be even lower this month, because we have scaled down the e-mail subscription with Mailgun.

Total costs for December were 560,71 EUR.


Plans for include:

Other instances

Next to, I have setup some instances for my own interests:

(I already have a Pixelfed, Peertube and Misskey instance, and of course this WriteFreely blog).


If you have any questions or remarks, you can contact the admin team via, and the admins and moderation team can be reached by e-mail: