January 2023 overview

February is almost over, which made me realize I hadn't posted about January yet. I'll be brief.

What happened

The month of January was quite slow and stable. We had under 6000 new registrations this month, while at some moments back in November we had the same amount in under 2 hours..

January Statistics January Statistics2



We had many donations again in January:

This is awesome. It guarantees we can keep the lights on for months ahead, and plan for scaling when needed.


Expenses were down, as expected. Due to decreased usage, the e-mail costs were down by over 80%.

Total running cost for January 2023: EUR 426,12

In February, we made a EUR 130,– donation to a Mastodon instance which had some financial troubles (https://toot.lgbt). I promised to make another donation to them next month, to give them time to downsize to reduce some costs.


We had posted about this, but let's also mention it on the blog. Some Mastodon instances have announced they would shut down, leaving tens of thousands of users needing to migrate their account. At Mastodon.world, we have more than 1 admin. If 1 of them wants out, or gets hit by a bus, others have access to take over. And as stated above, finances allow this service to run for months ahead. I hope this takes away any worries for our users they might have gotten due to the other shutdowns.

Enjoy Mastodon!