September 2023 update

A good day to all! It's time for the monthly update about the .world.

Here's what happened last month.

It's all nice and steady with our Mastodon server. The user count has increased from 176.000 to 179.000 this month.

We have been looking for new moderators for a while now, and since last month we've found 1 more (welcome to the team, Sharon!).

But still we are looking to extend the moderator team. So, anyone that wants to help out, please mail to As a moderator, you would need a bit of free time, and of course find yourself in our site rules. We would very much appreciate if we could find volunteers from the black community, as well as from the LGBTQ+ community to assist us with the very difficult topics we sometimes see in moderation.

The server is more and more stable. The infra and moderation teams have done a wonderful job making the server run smoothly and fighting off unwanted content. It's still a lot of work keeping it all running and keeping it a safe place, for which I want to thank the entire team! We have almost 140.000 users! is setting up its own blog, so we'll put the details there once it's finished.

The server (now running Firefish) has been steadily growing to over 500 users.

Last month we launched the Bookwyrm instance, which now has 30 users. It's a platform to keep track of your book collection and reading progress. It's federated so you can follow Bookwyrm accounts from Mastodon and others.



We received these donations last month:


These were our expenses last month:

Total costs: EUR 1211,07

This month we also started setting up a non-profit foundation for owning our instances. This is still in progress, costs will be added up and listed in November (hopefully it's finished by then).

So this month we still have more donations than expenses. We do see an expected decrease in donations, but still very healthy finances overall. As soon as donations fall below expenses, we'll create some posts to raise awareness for the donation platforms.

For those wondering: donations can be made here: – OpenCollective (preferred)Patreon